Be a Part of the Center

that Love Built

Welcome to our future home!  We want to create a beautiful and nurturing environment for our clients and their families to get the help and hope they so desperately need, but we need your help!  Would you be willing to be financially a part of creating these special rooms?   Below are a few 'before' pictures of the rooms and their future designations.

Medical Services Room

Our Medical Services is the heartbeat of all we do.  This space will allow us to create a more comfortable and functional space for both clients and our team of nurses.  The additional space will also allow us to add some additional services in the future.  This room will house ultrasound items, nurse workstation, Nurse Manager station, it’s own private bathroom for clients, medical supply storage and client consultation area.

To complete this room, we will remove back doors & “garage” door, paint, new flooring, a west wall and door and several built -ins

Play Room, Storage & More

This room is the one most days we would all vote top pick for.   Many of our clients come with children but we have no place currently for them to!  One side of this room will house a play area —a special place just  for them.  The other side will house something else we have been wanting—Storage!!  Here we will finally be able to take in gently used items for our clients.  We will also have a work area for our volunteers where we can finally spread out and tackle projects without being on top of each other. 

We are not sure yet what this room will need to complete, but we will be looking for toys and indoor play items like slides, kitchen sets, etc.  Possibly shelving, and folding tables as well.

Client Education & Conference Room

If our Medical Services area is the heartbeat of what we do, then this comes in a very close second.   We believe strongly in supporting our parents through incentivized education to help them be the best parents they can be.  Not only are they earning items they need, but working towards personal and parenting goals and getting much needed support.  This is another way they see they truly aren’t alone in this.   This room will house a space for both group learning and individual learning.

To complete this room, we will need a southern wall and door, paint, a window to play area, and furniture.

Private Waiting Area & Counsel Room

Confidentiality is of great concern given the nature of what we do.  This space will allow us to deliver that much better.  To better protect our client’s privacy and confidentiality, we are creating a private waiting area away from the general public area.  We also will be creating a business office where we can lock items like patient files, etc.   If we have enough space, we may also put in an additional consultation space.

To complete this room we will need walls & doors, paint, some flooring, furniture and décor items.

Other rooms not listed:  Front reception & lobby area,  both bathrooms, and Director’s office. 

As you can see we have some work to do!  But God is faithful!  We are so excited for this opportunity and for Medford and the surrounding areas to have a resource like this.  We will be having a private gathering for those  who were apart of making this happen, so that they can get the first glimpses before we have our Grand Opening.  Below I mention the plaque that will go up in each room.  When clients ask about costs, we always explain to them that our services are paid for by their generous community.  These plaques will be a visual reminder to them of that—that their community cares. 

Will you be a part of sending that message?

Each room will have a plaque that reads: “This room was lovingly created by” and will list the businesses, organizations or individuals who donated $500 or more, a visual reminder to our clients that their community cares!

Donate today!  Pick out the room you would like to help fund.   If that room is fully funded, we will contact you to see if you have another preference or it will go toward the general renovation fund.  If you donate over $500 we will contact you on what name or business you would like listed on the plaque.  You may also choose to do an 'In Memory or In Honor of' as well.

Thank you for your consideration!