Our Values

We are 100% Pro-Life

  • We believe no matter how you got here, we each bear within us the image of God, so every life is precious - born and unborn.

We are Pro-Abundant Life

  • We believe we were each put on this earth for a purpose and equipping others to flourish is part of that.

We are Gospel-Centered

  • We believe that we are all in need of Salvation and the redeeming work of the Cross.

We are Culture of Life Focused

  • We believe that abortion is the preeminent moral crisis of our time.  When we value life, we will naturally want to do more to help others and vice versa.

We are Pro-Woman, Pro-Child, Pro-Fathers and Pro-Family

  • We see in Scripture that God is for all of these people groups, and so are we.  Helping one should never diminish the other.